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Happy Propose Day Shayari For Girlfriend Boyfriend

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💖💖💖***Happy Propose Day Shayari***❤❤❤

happy propose day Your eyes are beautiful. Your kiss is amazing. You take me away to a place like this. A place only you and I know of, A place of happiness and serenity. We can lay on the shores, me wrapped in your arms. I am forever entranced in your love. happy propose day

With every beat of my heart, I
Will love you more and more,
After years of togetherness this
Is my solemn vow for you, my love!!!

 I have one problem, can you tell me the solution? I am not getting proper way to propose you. I am not kidding. I am serious. Happy Propose Day!

I wanna walk with you,
I wanna talk with you.
For all the time my utmost
Desire is too be with you!
Happy Propose Day…

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Attitude Shayari

💖💖***Happy Propose Day Shayari***❤❤❤


Love is a gift. If you receive it, open and appreciate it. If not, don’t worry. Someone somewhere is still wrapping it for you… Happy Propose Day!

On This Special Day I Want To Say:
Grow Old Along With Me, The Best Is Yet To Be.
Will You Spend The Rest Of Your Life With Me…!!!

No poem no fancy word. I just want to world to know that I love you will all my heart. Happy Propose Day!

I Promise to hold your hand
no matter what happens..
Till death do us part,
Will you marry me… happy propose day

The sweetest way to propose: ‘Excuse me, do you have a band-aid, because I scraped my knee when I fell in love with you. Will you be mine… Happy Propose Day!

I can win the world
With my hand, only
If you promise me
To hold my other hand,
For a lifetime!!!!

Happy Propose Day: You are like the sunshine so warm, You are like sugar, So sweet you are like you and that’s the reason why I love you.

The hour I spend with you I look upon as sort of perfumed garden, a dim twilight, and a fountain singing to it. Will yo be mind? Happy Propose Day!!!

There will never be someone or something that can make me feel the way that you do, nothing and no one will ever make me love as much as I love you. It’s impossible….

💖💖💖***Happy Propose Day Shayari***❤❤❤


 A sensible proposal for a boy to a beautiful girl. Hey angel. I am not forcing you to love me but don’t let love be the reason for hating me.Happy Purpose Day!!!

 Good time or Bad times , I’ll always be there to cheer u up, Or just to hold your hand and say I know How you feel and I care 4 me Happy Propose Day.

After I fell in love with you, I fell in love with my life. Be with me always………..

 Excuse me, do you have a band-aid, because i scrapped my knee when i fell in love with you.

Having You by my side is what completes me. Want to spend rest of life with her? Propose her with this Happy Propose Day!!!

 When I dream,I dream of you may be one day,dreams will come true.Love U!!Happy Propose Day!!!

 Love is like a cloud. Love is like a dream. Love is one word and everything in between.Love is a fairytale come true.Coz I found Love when I found You. Happy Propose Day!!!1

You are like the sunshine so warm, You are like sugar, so sweet You are like You And that’s the reason Why I Love You Happy Propose Day..

A sensible proposal for a boy to a beautiful girl. Hey angel. I am not forcing you to love me but don’t let love be the reason for hating me. Happy Purpose Day!!!

💖💖💖***Happy Propose Day Shayari***❤❤❤

Deewana hun tera, mujhe inkaar nahi,
Kaise keh dun ki mujhe tumse pyar nahi,
Kuch shararat to teri nazro mein bhi thi,
Main akela hi to iska gunehgar nahi…!!

Teri zarurt hai zindagi me meri,
Teri chahat hai zindagi me meri,
Kuch na mile to jee lenge
Per tu na mili to nhi chale gi zindagi meri.
I Love You Jaan

***Happy Propose Day Shayari***

Dil ye mera Tumse Pyar karna chahta hain,
Apni Mohabbat ka izhaar karna chahta hai ,
Dekha hain jab se Tumhe aye mere Sanam ,
Sirf tumhara hi Dedaar karne ko dil chahta hai.

Mohabbat hai kitni jada tumse,
Kaho to sare jahan ko bata doon,
Tu karde haan ek bar
Tere kadmo me mein asaam bicha doon.

Yun to sapne bahut hasi hote hai,
Par sapno se pyaar nahi karte,
Chahate to tumhe hum aaj bhi hai,
Bas apni chahat ka izhar nahi karte!!!

Teri adaaon se pyar hai,
Teri nigahon se pyar hai,
Tere hone se hoti hai zindagi me khushi
Itna tere ehsaas se pyar hai.

Dil hi dil mein hum unse pyar karte hain
Aaj es propose day pe apni mohabbat ka izhar krte hain…

Kuch door mere saath chalo,
Hum saari kahani keh denge,
Samjhe na tum jise aankhon se,
Wo baat muh Jubaani keh denge.

***Happy Propose Day Shayari***

I love u my love…
Happy propose day.

Mohabbat ki kimat chukai nahi jati,
Ho jaye mohabbat to chhupai nahi jati.
Waqt rahty mohabbat ka izahar kar do!
Warna waqt k bad mohabbat jatai nahi jati..!!

I promise to never let you feel alone in this world. Happy Propose Day!
Love me for a second and I’ll love you forever.
Dil karta hain zindagi tujhe de du,
Zindagi ki saari khusiyan tujhe de du..
De de agar tu mujhe bharosa apne saath ka.
To yakeen maan apni saanse bhi tujhe de du
Your love to me is like a wonder,
Your thoughts make me ponder,
Clueless I find myself when I think about you,
Best time pass for me is to wonder about you.
If I reached for your hand, will u hold it?
If I hold out my arms, will u hug me?
If I go for ur lips, will u kiss me?
If I capture ur heart, will u love me??
Happy Propose Day Darling.
Kuch door mere saath chalo
Hum saari kahani keh denge
Samjhe na tum jise aankhon se
Wo baat muh Jubaani keh denge
I love u my love…

Shayari shayari me izhhar ho jaye.
Shayari shayari me izhhar ho jaye.
Me tum ko kahu I lovu u.
Aur tumhe mujhse pyar ho jaye.

Happy Propose Day My Love


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